Range Safety Officer Duties

The following items used by Range Officers are stored in the “Connex”. For the combination to the Connex, contact the CRSO/Secretary:

  • Orange vests, hats, and whistles.
  • Blank Waiver and Log Sheet forms.
  • Completed Waiver and Log Sheet forms.
  • Blank and completed FRO Report forms.

Range Safety Officers are not normally expected to act as firing line range officers (you may do so if you wish), but are roaming representatives of the Club to oversee activities at the entire outdoor range. They should be able to answer the following questions:

  • Wear one of the orange vest/hat sets while at the range to let members know that you are a Range Safety Officer. Please return them to the Connex when you leave.
  • Check on the condition of the ranges/firing lines. Are there target stands? Are the berms in good shape? Is there any “junk” on the ranges. Is there any maintenance needed?
  • Have all the shooters signed in? Are the shooters either members or guests of members? Have the guests signed the Waiver form? Initial the current log page to indicate that you checked the logs.
  • If multiple shooters, is one acting as range officer? Is he/she doing it properly? If not, did you instruct them?
  • Are ALL of the General Range Rules being followed? Particular attention should be paid to safety rules. If you observed a violation, did you correct it?
  • Are all bullets that pass through targets striking the berm?
  • Were any members or guests uncooperative?
  • Collect all of the completed Waiver and Log sheets from each firing line (check the box on each log sheet to indicate which firing line) and put them in the appropriate folder in the Connex.

When you are ready to leave the range, fill out an “RSO Report” form and leave it in the appropriate folder in the Connex. Be sure to lock the Connex.