As a service to our members, we are now offering the opportunity to buy/sell/trade shooting related items on this website.

To place an ad, send an email describing the item(s) and prices or desired trade items to . The email must include your name, phone number and email address (although these items will NOT be shown in the ad). We reserve the right to edit ads and to reject any ad in its entirety if we feel it is unsuitable for this site. You may include pictures in your ad by attaching them to the email (note that pictures may be resized).

Each ad will be assigned a key number to identify the ad. To respond to classified ad, send an email to with the AD-KEY number in the subject of the message. Include your name, phone number and email address (these will not be posted online). Your response will be forwarded to the original advertiser with your contact information. It is then up to the two of you to complete the transaction. Once the transaction is completed, the original advertiser should notify so that the ad can be removed.

Ads will normally be displayed for about a month, but may be removed at any time. Buyers and sellers are responsible for meeting any Local, State, or Federal laws affecting the transaction. The Club accepts no responsibility whatever regarding any transaction.